One on One Computer Lessons

One on One Lessons for the Beginner and Intermediate user.

We try to avoid a standard lesson format. Standard formats contain many things you may never use or need. This is a waste of your time and money.

We feel a custom lesson plan geared around your computer usage is the way to go.

Simply tell us your goals and how you use your computer and we will work with you to accomplish exactly what you want.

We have found the best way is for you to create a question list. We will go through them one by one as long as needed until you are comfortable.

Most questions and lessons can be accomplished in about an hour.

Cost is $25.00 per hour. (one hour minimum) Bring a friend for only $10.00 per hour each. This cost is for lessons at our location. We will also come to you. (travel extra depending on distance)

If you elect to use your machine for lessons it must be in good operating condition. We have found that some inability to accomplish certain tasks can be the computer and not the operator.

Some lessons can also be completed by remote from our office to your location. Please call for details.    (717) 521-3874

                                         e-mail questions ? 

                How do I move or save pictures & documents?

                         How do I back-up my computer?

                  How do I create a basic letter or document? 

           How do I avoid viruses and keep my machine safer?

                              What free software is safe?

                       How do I ________________? 

                            What is __________?

                           Can I _____________?

                        What if_______________?

          What is the best software for_______________?

                  Is there any way to______________?

                     Is it ok to___________________?