10 Tips To A Safer, and Faster Computer
1) NEVER Hit any keys to download, or accept ANYTHING Unless You Are 100% Sure!

2) NEVER click on any computer operation Unless You Are 100% Sure of the Outcome

3) WHEN downloading anything, Take the Time to Carefully inspect each, and every Check Box shown in the process. Even Legitimate sites will offer Extra Software you May Not want.

4)  CAREFUL When Downloading, or Accepting Any Tool Bars. Some of them Contain viruses, and or spyware. This Includes some Weather and Coupon Sites.

5) BE CAREFUL when using some Free Internet Browsers. Many contain dangerous Pop-ups, Spyware, and Malware. Some have been known to Sell Your Private Information. Some will not allow Microsoft to Install Critical Updates. (NSS Independent Testing Lab Confirmed That Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 is By Far the Safest and Fastest of All Browsers) Download or view Browser Security Report. Go To https://library.nsslabs.com/reports

6) Never allow or accept any Updates while searching the Web or Using Your email.

(no matter how convincing it may look)

7) BE CAREFUL when using some Home pages That Contain a Lot of Pop-ups. Many
Pop-ups Contain Spyware, and Malware. Home Pages with a Lot of Pop-ups Tend to Run Slower than those without. (do your homework to insure home page is safe)

8) BE CAREFUL when using some Free Antivirus Software. Some but not all contain Viruses, Spyware, and Malware. Some have been known to Sell Your Private Information. (do your homework)

9) BE CAREFUL of products that claim to repair your computer with one easy scan. This includes products that claim to repair registry and install updated drivers. Some of these products are safe and actually work. (do your homework)

10) TRY TO download software from products official website. Some third party sites will bundle other software that can be very dangerous. There are some safe ones (again do your homework)

If you are looking for that extra measure of security we recommend HitmanPro from SurfRight. We have been using and testing SurfRight products for Six years. In our opinion HitmanPro is by far the best comprehensive security on the market. This is to be used in conjunction with your preferred anti-virus.  GWB Computer Systems is not affiliated with SurfRight and this is not a paid advertisement.


Expert Virus Removal

      and Prevention.

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Americans spend over Six Billion dollars per year on virus removal  and  protection. The total cost  of cyber crime per year exceeds Twenty One Billion. The only way to keep your computer 100% safe, is to never turn it on. The first law concerning computer safety was in 1984. It was revised in 1986, and again in 1996. It has been 20 years since any major update. The law is very vague, and the virus designer's are protected by the first amendment. The laws are primarily based around national security. Most states have their own laws on consumer safety. However it's only a felony if damage is over $5000. So the real truth is, when it comes to computer safety we are on our own. Keeping your anti-virus software up to date is a good start. GWB Computer Systems periodically publishes a news letter pertaining to computer safety. If you have any questions, please visit our Free Advice Forum. Below you will find some search terms to read the laws for yourself.

1) Comprehensive Crime Control Act
2) Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
3) "your state" Computer Laws

Never Update Anything While Viewing a Web Page, This Includes Email.

No Matter How Convincing  It Looks!

Free Browsers are Yours For The Taking. It's Free Out Of The Kindness of Their Heart

           Think About It!

         Never Click On Anything Unless You Are

     100% Sure It Is Safe